Learning Sessions

  • What are the real benefits of a Smart City vision for my organisation?
  • How do we deal with all the data from transport and buildings?

Fair questions. Before starting the Smart City discussion in your own projects, it is important to have a good understanding of the challenges and solutions in other cities and organisations around Europe. What is already happening? And why? What are the results?

A Smart City Learning Session will give you a quick, but concise overview of the many Smart City initiatives. This will help you to set priorities and take your organisation to the next level of ambition.


1) Why, what and how? An introduction to Smart Cities in Europe

With this presentation you will learn about the European framework and good practice. How do experts address the main challenges such as creating synergies between sectors and the value of abundant data in cities? There is a focus on concrete actions, stressing the solutions and impact.

Heidy van Beurden gave presentations for, among others, the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Deloitte Digital, Agoria (the Belgian federation for the technology industry) in Brussels, NL Agency (Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation), the Wielkopolska region in Poland, ANCB Metropolitan Laboratory in Berlin and Smart Work Center SPACES in Amsterdam (together with Cisco).


2) Thematic Session

For your own conference, workshop or brainstorm session you may have a strong interest in one specific element of Smart Cities. This could be energy efficiency in neighbourhoods or technology solutions for citizens’ participation. In a Thematic Session you will investigate this theme within the context of Smart Cities. For example, how can data help energy experts to decide on effective solutions for entire districts? How can the overarching umbrella of Smart Cities speed things up? And what are successful methods to involve the citizens (end users)?

An expert from this specific field will be invited to share the latest updates.
This can be, for example, a data specialist or someone involved in research at European level, depending on your interest.


All participants will receive a free copy of the publication Smart City dynamics.