Learning Sessions

  • How do we align different innovation strategies in our organisation?
  • What are successful methods to involve the citizens?
  • What are the digital skills required in our project team?

If you want to avoid reinventing the wheel on your own, it’s key to have a good understanding of Smart City programmes in other cities and organisations around Europe. How do they deal with comparable challenges? And what are the results? This will take your organisation to the next level of ambition.

A Smart City Learning Session will give you:
– a concise overview of meaningful Smart City initiatives in Europe  (process and results)
– clear focus on differentiators in successful projects (how are things done)
– tools to identify concrete actions relevant to your situation

We facilitated learning sessions and presentations for:

*Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
*Deloitte Digital
*Agoria – Belgian federation for the technology industry
*Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment
*Wielkopolska region in Poland
*ANCB Metropolitan Laboratory in Berlin