Best practices: learn from leading projects in Europe

        ‘An excellent piece of work’ – Jonathan Leucci, Scottish European Green Energy Centre

         ‘I found the publication very useful and I am using the learning from the case studies
          to inform the development of our Smart City Programme‘ – Lorraine Hudson, Bristol City Council

        ‘Practical and balanced’ – Haydee Sheombar, IBM


The publication Smart City dynamics provides an inspiring collection of insightful views from experts across Europe. Cities, companies and knowledge institutions explain what Smart City programmes can bring us. How to address the main challenges in the transition to cleaner and more liveable cities and regions? What are the success factors?

The concrete advice on the important steps to take is illustrated by a series of best practices. Featured interviews in Smart City dynamics include: the Climate Group, the European Commission, Amsterdam Smart City, Stockholm Royal Seaport and the University of Edinburgh.


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