Route to Smart Cities

Nearly everyone agrees that technology is not the problem in Smart City strategies. An integrated planning and linking existing strategies is far more challenging. However, very often this is so complicated that we simply don’t know where to begin. We need to step out of our comfort zone.

Management consulting firm Berenschot and Heidy van Beurden, author of Smart City dynamics, created a route to Smart Cities based on the experiences in many European cities. Close collaboration and indepth interviews with city representatives lie at the basis of this pratical route, which consists of different complementary training sessions. They include the development of a road map, facilitating new and unusual partnerships and doing the exercise of reframing in order to create new business models with an open mind. Rewards (benefits), resources (investments and existing resources) and risks are all addressed in the route. The current structures in your organisation are questioned with the objective to bring overarching and unpredictable solutions to the table.

Smart City dynamics
The publication Smart City dynamics provides an inspiring collection of insightful views from experts across Europe. Their concrete advice on the important steps involved in the transition to Smart Cities is illustratedby a series of best practices. Featured interviews in Smart City dynamics include:

  • the Climate Group,
  • Amsterdam Innovation Motor,
  • Scottish European Green Energy Centre,
  • the European Commission,
  • Stockholm Royal Seaport,
  • London,
  • Vienna,
  • the University of Edinburgh,
  • The Hague,
  • IBM,
  • Eandis (Flanders)
  • Cisco,
  • Sustainable Glasgow,
  • D’Appolonia (Italy)
  • KPN,
  • Bristol,
  • Valencia,
  • Rotterdam and Eneco