Successful replication discussed in Budapest

Smart City improvement starts with international contact between cities. “We need each other” said Ulf Kamne, deputy mayor of the City of Gothenburg, at the conference Empowering smart solutions in cities in Budapest (2-3 Oct). The key theme of the 2-days conference, hosted by the European Commission and SCIS, was building on existing knowledge. Replication of good practice.

With so many city initiatives taking place in Europe, progress is more than ever a matter of sharing learnings: copying the good achievements, and anticipating the obstacles. “In recent years we have moved from a technology focus towards storytelling”, said Eric Lecomte from DG Energy, European Commission. “We are interested in the process to reach solutions, not just the solutions.”

The participants in Budapest discussed the success factors and barriers for replication, and how to make these learnings accessible to others. Political will, community building and targeted communication were among the differentiators explored.

How to capture learnings in detail
The challenge for Europe is to capture all the in-depth project learnings in detail. Otherwise we run the risk that valuable experiences continue to sound like pushing at an open door. For example, we know that a multi-disciplinary approach is essential for success, but the real value lies in understanding how people with different needs act together.

Discussion about successful replication: sharing relevant information adjusted to different interests of people, step by step, and at the right time.