Concrete route to Smart Cities

Creating new alliances, including those with citizens, were the key topic during the seminar Route to Smart Cities on 27 June in Utrecht (NL), organised by consultancy firm Berenschot. Concrete actions were discussed and put into practice at the same time, such as the identification of demand and supply of the different stakeholders in the audience. There was a need for clear business cases, although an exchange of knowledge and experience, and matching technology solutions to running pilots was equally important in this context.

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2 comments op “Concrete route to Smart Cities”

  1. richard lateano says:

    How are cites given the tile Smart?

  2. Heidy van Beurden says:

    Dear Richard,
    Thank you for your question. I think we have moved beyond the discussion of how to define a Smart City. No city is there yet, if they ever will be fully ‘smart’. The various existing rankings do not have a clear answer to your question either. To me, the title Smart includes above all: are cities taking substantial tangible actions to better connect key sectors and stakeholder groups, as well as actions for the integration of technologies.