The relevance of road maps

Creating a road map for Smart Cities is a complicated matter. The necessary steps depend on cities’ objectives and on existing local resources. Road maps first require a detailed analysis of the city: its resources, infrastructure and pattern of energy demand. Starting from your own strengths is key.


‘The concept of Smart Cities is like art:
the context is more important than the product’

Ger Baron: City of Amsterdam


It is also important to understand the spirit of the times. Ger Baron, Chief Technology Officer at the City of Amsterdam, compares it with art. ‘The context is often more important than the product. You need a project manager who has vision, just like an artist’, he says. According to him, it is also important to make a clear distinction between an investment agenda and an innovation agenda.

Stefano Carosio from D’Appolonia, Italy, emphasises the importance of gathering information from stakeholders to identify their needs, and to foster their vision.


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