Synergy between sectors

In recent years there has been a clear move from individual demonstration projects to holistic planning.
How can we get a grip on the complexity of synergy between various sectors?


‘Your goal should not be to control collaboration,
but to give people the opportunities to talk and to guide them’
Kurt Hofstetter, Municipality of Vienna


‘Keep it simple and address large issues bit by bit’, says Nico Baken, professor at KPN and Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. He believes it is a matter of vision; what is the reason why we are doing it all?

The Municipality of Amsterdam is working on a joint investment agenda. This brings together future investment plans of several parties. ‘Synergy between sectors is a matter of organisation’, says Jannis van Zanten from the City of Amsterdam. ‘A network environment that makes it easier for people to find each other.’

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