Many European cities develop advanced and integrated Smart City concepts. Their learnings and success factors help you to speed up, whether the projects are aimed at citizen participation, cyber security or Mobility-as-a-Service. Building on existing knowledge is essential for innovation in cities. Learn more about success factors  

Great examples, clear focus

The book Smart City dynamics provides great examples of what you can achieve right now with Smart City concepts. Practical advice from European leaders will guide you in setting priorities. For only € 7,95

Business models for the circular economy

08-12-2017 In his inspiring lecture 'Circular Economy -From words to action' in Amsterdam, Professor Jan Jonker highlighted 5 business models for the transition towards circularity.

Successful replication discussed in Budapest

05-10-2017 Replication of good practice was the key theme at the conference 'Empowering smart solutions in cities' in Budapest. The participants discussed how to share the relevant information adjusted to different interests of people, step by step, and at the right time.

Dutch cities join forces with national Smart City Strategy

25-01-2017 Dutch cities have stressed the need for Smart City collaboration with the national government. Today they presented a strategy that was created in collaboration with the business community and scientists.

Education and employability will be crucial

17-11-2016 There is a huge gap between the current education curriculum and the requirements for the jobs of the future. Employability is crucial for local governments in building social inclusive neighbourhoods.

Essential feedback from citizens in smart grids value case

04-05-2015 In the City of Amersfoort (NL) citizens' involvement resulted in more detailed information than smart meters could provide. This article explains how to gain their commitment and support, step by step. "The key in co-creation is mobilising people around something they are passionate about."

‘Allow citizens to feel part of the city’s decision making process’

15-08-2012 Getting citizens involved in the management of your city and benefit from having them as your privileged partner. That is, in short, the message of Joana Fernandes from Lisboa E-Nova. She will speak at the Smart Cities Industry Summit in London (25-26th September) and gives us a preview.

‘Smart meters are useless in new finance model for cities’

12-03-2012 Smart Cities, great, but who is going to pay? How can investments and benefits be shared equally among the different actors? According to architect Thomas Rau, city officials and urban planners should rethink the traditional economy based on ownership, and look at payment based on performance.

‘Lead by the city may not succeed’

11-02-2012 Smart City initiatives are facing a major leadership challenge. The cross-sector approach Smart Cities need, requires so many different managing skills, that long-term city planning is better represented by a group of stakeholders from different sectors. Read the interview with David Sandel from the USA.